Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday - Anibiotics / Anti-depressants

Man arrested after he bought goldfish at a pet store and then ate it at the counter. metro
Drugged mice are air-dropped over Guam to kill a non-native snake. nationalgeo
In Moscow, karaoke competition prize is one million Russian dumplings. guardian
Flag of the Philippines is flown upside down at ASEAN meeting. latimes

Antibiotics & Anti-depressants

We exchange some very unbias opinions about anti-depressants
 ...how more and more of the population are on these medications
...how both anti-depressants and antibiotics pollute the enviornment
...how antibiotics are often prescribed nonspecifically and without probiotics to replenish the healthy bacteria.

Recommended Reading: The Lost Language of Plants by Stephen Buhner

"This could be the most important book you will read this year. Well-known author, teacher, lecturer, and herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner has produced a book that is certain to generate controversy. It consists of three parts: A critique of technological medicine, and especially the dangers to the environment posed by pharmaceuticals and other synthetic substances that people use in connection with health care and personal body care. Extensive documentation of how plants communicate their healing qualities to humans and other animals. Western culture has obliterated most people's capacity to perceive these messages, but this book also contains valuable information on how we can restore our faculties of perception." - Amazon 

*Thanks to special guest Dolph, who appeared on our show today

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday: Sesame St., aliens, nukes and GMO

Katy Perry - too much cleavage for Elmo

Perry's episode of Sesame Street was pulled after protest from parents.
I would have liked to be there during her costume selection process.
"mmm. I think this one says children's show."

Google found guilty of libel

Frenchman sued Google after the words "rapist", "rape", "prison" and "satanist" were suggested when his name was typed into Google's search bar.

What do you think? Should a convicted rapist bare this scarlet letter for everyone to see? Should we all have access to the knowledge of a crime such as these? Would having information like this open to the public through a simple search engine mean that other private information would be available to everyone?

Aliens and nuclear missiles, is it possible?

"Six retired officers and one former non-commissioned officer claim to have gathered witness testimonies from more than 120 military personnel revealing the infiltration of nuclear sites by aliens as recently as 2003."

If you were an alien with the means to dissarmor a stupid society with weapons that could destroy itself, would you interfere?

Does the UN have an Ambassador to Outer Space

"According to some British news reports, the U.N. is set to appoint Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman as the world organization's space ambassador for extraterrestrial contact affairs."

Genetically Modified Salmon -
Don't Like It? Well, you must be a racist..or ..evil doer..or something

NPR writer attempts to dispel qualms about GMO Salmon by saying “DNA [is] in all our foodstuffs and it’s fully digested in the gut,” not recognizing that the key problem is slicing foreign DNA – not DNA in general. And any concern she notes is due to “the expression of deep anti-science sentiments,” a claim that is sure to inflame scientists who have uncovered problems with GMO and GE foods.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Alien Introduction

Alien sighting during Slobek's incubation..

Ghosts and Aliens? Do you believe? Everyone's got a story and opinion. We throw out a few today.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pregnancy in Malaysia, Presidents in the Middle East

Stories and commentary from the internet ether with your hosts Slobek and Tomaz.

Lesser Known News

Teen pregnancy in Malaysia

In an attempt to address the problem of abandoned babies, the mainly-Muslim nation of Malyasia, has opened its first school for pregnant teenagers.

Who Noticed?

Egyptian newspaper ran an altered photograph replacing American President Barak Obama with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, suggesting that Mubarak was leading the recent Middle East peace talks.

Go White

Long Island University student emailed Steve Jobs and actually got a response, but that was the last sign of light. The reply was impolite, spawning an email war that ended with Jobs writing, "Please, leave us alone."  Somebody needs to lighten up. How 'bout a white turtleneck?

 Still interested in the house?

Thinking the owner of the Notting Hill home was just asleep on the living room couch, a real estate agent showed prospective buyers around the home. If was after the visiters left that the agent realized the owner had actually passed away!