Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pregnancy in Malaysia, Presidents in the Middle East

Stories and commentary from the internet ether with your hosts Slobek and Tomaz.

Lesser Known News

Teen pregnancy in Malaysia

In an attempt to address the problem of abandoned babies, the mainly-Muslim nation of Malyasia, has opened its first school for pregnant teenagers.

Who Noticed?

Egyptian newspaper ran an altered photograph replacing American President Barak Obama with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, suggesting that Mubarak was leading the recent Middle East peace talks.

Go White

Long Island University student emailed Steve Jobs and actually got a response, but that was the last sign of light. The reply was impolite, spawning an email war that ended with Jobs writing, "Please, leave us alone."  Somebody needs to lighten up. How 'bout a white turtleneck?

 Still interested in the house?

Thinking the owner of the Notting Hill home was just asleep on the living room couch, a real estate agent showed prospective buyers around the home. If was after the visiters left that the agent realized the owner had actually passed away!


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